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Fort Worth Police Department

With all the rapid technology advancements made every single day, why not use them to increase the efficiency and safety of our first responders’ daily operations?

Fort Worth Police Department is doing just that by implementing a new high-tech camera system that can run license plates through a database within the span of a few seconds. This new technology allows officers to identify any stolen cars or felons’ whereabouts.

It has only been three months since the cameras’ installation, and the department has been able to make 166 arrests and recover 118 vehicles. Officers have designated shifts where they monitor the system in the Real-Time Crime Center and catch any suspicious activity detected by the cameras. This information is then sent over to officers in the field, so arrests can be made if necessary.

While this may lead to some privacy concerns, the FWPD has placed strict protocols on any searches through the camera and securely stores the data. Also, Flock Safety, the company credited for making this game-changing technology, ensures that all footage is deleted after 30 days.

Across the county, over 1,000 cities are starting to use Flock Safety cameras, and that number is sure to increase given how these cameras have already impacted the daily responsibilities of police departments.