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products and technologies that enhance public safety

Safe Tech is a fabrication laboratory and makers' space which provides support to advance products and technologies for first responders and our armed forces.

Safe Tech Tuesday

Join us for Safe Tech Tuesday!

Join us for Safe Tech Tuesday!

Safe Tech will be hosting a monthly livestream that highlights our Safe Tech members, our Advisory Council and fascinating startups and their innovative technology. Be sure to tune in every third Thursday of the month at 2pm CST!

You can tune in on our YouTube channel or Facebook page.

About Safe Tech

Our Mission - Advance Products and Technologies for First Responders and our Armed Forces

With over a decade of engaging innovative technologies that have empowered public safety and our military, Make Safe Tech Inc., (Safe Tech) is the premier resource to bring military and first responder products to market.

Repeatedly, new companies fail to overcome the challenges of the public safety or defense market before their funds run out. Safe Tech works with corporations, agencies and individual donors who are eager to guide a portfolio of such technologies through the pivotal stages of product development, making them ready for scaling and distribution.

Through agreements with state and local governments, Safe Tech is working to establish Partnership Intermediary Agreements (PIAs) with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Defense (DoD) to bring technologies and companies that strengthen public safety and our military from around the country to the Brazos Valley

Safe Tech Services

At Safe Tech, we guide a portfolio of public safety technologies through the pivotal stages of product development.

Technology Development

In order to mitigate risk and maximize value, Safe Tech will utilize Trusted Service Providers (TSPs) to provide technology companies access to resources with strategic connections and access to the public safety and defense markets.
Technical teams often approach fundraising with 50% or more of their raise dedicated to marketing and sales, regardless of the limited experience they have in selecting where and how to spend marketing funds.
Utilizing the nation’s leading public safety agencies and corporations will enhance the value of resources provided to technologies through Safe Tech. Services may include marketing, engineering, packaging, prototyping, manufacturing, distribution and market introduction.
Safe Tech will target corporate partners that are willing to provide both financial and service commitments to member companies.

Competitive Events

Safe Tech is the premier resource for technologies enhancing public safety, first responders and defense.
We will prioritize technology and grant distribution through participating, sponsoring and hosting competitive events. Safe Tech will provide a charitable entity on the Under Fire | Response Innovation Showdown, allowing Under Fire sponsors to contribute with tax benefits. Safe Tech will evaluate Under Fire, Defense to Response and other events to ensure the portfolio is diverse and filled with technologies that are selected by the nation’s first responders.

Co-Working and Maker Space

Safe Tech operates a Maker Space in College Station, Texas which is available to the community and attracts public safety innovators from around the world. A Safe Tech membership allows individuals, startups, and organizations to use this space. Additionally, the Maker Space may provide tax benefits for equipment donations. Using partnerships with co-working spaces throughout the Brazos Valley, Safe Tech encourages the development of an innovation ecosystem where all business and technology incubators have access to a Maker Space.

At Safe Tech, We Give Back

Make Safe Tech, Inc. is a nonprofit dedicated to working to bring game-changing technologies to our first responders and armed forces. We don’t know what the next innovation is or where it will come from, but with your donation, we can be ready for it.

Additionally, we’re committed to giving back to the communities that keep us safe and secure. As such, all Safe Tech donations and Swag Store purchases go directly to:
1. Testing and evaluation grants for safe technologies
2. Training Grants
3. Department resiliency grants addressing Line of Duty Deaths (LODDs) and suicide prevention
4. First responder and armed forces support programs as identified

Become a Founding Member

In 2020, we got to work building and contributing to the public safety and defense technology ecosystems.  We're offering a limited number of founding memberships, so don’t miss your chance to be on the ground floor of our national innovation network. Founding Member benefits include:

  • FABLab and Makers' Space Access
  • Make Safe Tech SWAG
  • Five hours of commercialization Support
  • Marketing and promotion across our social media channels
  • What's the Buzz Coffee mailed directly to you each month
  • Recognition and Participation in the Safe Tech Roadshow

National Advisory Council Founding Members

Safe Tech Founding Members

Our work building and contributing to the public safety and defense technology ecosystems would not be possible without our Founding Members. We’re proud to partner with these groups and their dedication to MAKE SAFE TECH for our first responders and our armed forces.

First Responder and Armed Forces Program

Crediting those who Serve

Safe Tech has established a special no-cost program for first responders and those serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Please fill out the First Responder/Armed Forces information form for more information.

Safe Tech Blog

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April’s Department Highlight features the Fort Worth Police Department. FWPD has recently incorporated a new camera system that has greatly enhanced the efficiency of their daily operations.

Working Through the Winter Storm

March’s Department Highlight features the Highlands Fire Department. These firefighters didn’t let the cold get in the way of their rescue training!

Tracks North America’s Distribution Solution

In March’s blog post, we share a recent opportunity that Tracks North America assisted the Texas Air National Guard and American Red Cross with. We also celebrate Women’s History Month by discussing some of the historical achievements women have made over the years.

Day One

January’s blog post reflects on Safe Tech’s first year in business as well as narrates our goals for 2021.

Contact Safe Tech

Safe Tech is located in College Station, Texas, home of The Texas A&M University System