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Axle Box is partnering with Blues Wireless and Blueforce Development to create an asset management and situational awareness solution for Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) units for the country’s law enforcement communities. 

About Blueforce Development: 

Blueforce Development Corp. is an industry-leading provider of software solutions for rapid, secure, and intelligent connectivity between people, sensors, and systems. Blueforce is utilizing their Commercial/Enterprise solution for the project. The suite of IoT situational awareness and fusion products provided by Blueforce enables organizations, including military and public safety teams, to effectively monitor physical assets, such as personnel operating onsite, remotely, or during missions. 

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About Blues Wireless: 

With Blueforce Development providing the connectivity and real-time insights for the project, they still needed an actual product that could track each asset and SWAT team member during missions.  

Blues Wireless offers a quick path to build and deploy cellular-connected products via their Notecard. The Notecard was designed to bring the power of the internet to offline products, and in this project, to SWAT team members during missions. 

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About Axle Box  

Axle Box, a public safety and defense technology development firm located in College Station, Texas, was added to the project to assist in the final design and manufacturing of the SWAT team trackers. There are currently four units in the piloting phase in the U.S.  

Additionally, the Axle Box engineering team has assisted Blues Wireless with other applications, such as custom sensor integration for monitoring greenhouses in Columbia (10-unit field trial in progress) and asset trackers to monitor vehicle fleets in the oil and gas industry (100-unit pilot in the U.S. in progress). These projects have opened the door for a more permanent partnership between Axle Box and Blues Wireless to be a ‘complete solutions provider’ for their Enterprise customer base. 

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