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Pioneering the Future of Public Safety Communications with Wi-Fiber

As the nation struggles through the coronavirus pandemic, it has become increasingly clear how vital digital and communications technology is to our society. The expanded availability of these platforms has touched nearly every aspect of our professional and personal lives. While we may all be growing weary of Zoom business calls and FaceTime sessions with friends and family, these tools have helped keep America going in these unprecedented times 

This transformation has impacted the public safety world as well. Increasinglyfirst responders are relying on communication and tracking tools that were not possible before. Cities are leveraging real-time data analysis and resources to help deliver services more efficiently and keep residents safeapplications that are helping drive the rise of smart city innovations throughout the country.  

These changes are part of what makes Safe Tech thrilled to work with Wi-Fiber, one of the premier technology providers in the Information of Things (IoT) ecosystem in the country. The company’s Intelligent Platform provides smart city functionality that facilitates connection, education, protection, and inclusion. This S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Forming, Modular, Autonomous, Real-Time, Turn-Key) infrastructure provides the tools to create safe and smart cities now and into the future.  

Wi-Fiber’s Intelligent Platform and high-capacity, low-latency mesh network provides the same speeds and reliability as gigabit per second (Gbps) fiber for a fraction of the cost or associated installation downtime. Integration of intelligence via visualization, video messaging service, management, or cognitive platforms is simplified by the immediate IP availability of all data streams at a central network or cloud location. The reduced cost of integration and deployment results in a robust granularly connected solution at a significantly reduced price with an unparalleled increase in data availability, aggregation, and intelligence. 

The platform also comes equipped with LED lighting, 4K cameras, microphones, gunshot sensors, and a suite of information of functionality. Public safety applications range from surveillance, traffic control, and rapid communication capabilities for first responders, reducing the time it takes for public safety teams to arrive on the scene. Additionally, Wi-Fiber is an open-source platform that allows cities to create their ecosystems of smart city applications that can co-exist and grow into the future.   

The company already had installations in place throughout the country before 2020, including Arlington County, VA, Canton, OH, and Las Vegas, NV. These projects have expanded throughout the year, with additional projects in Louisville, KY, and Birmingham, AL. This growth is even more impressive amidst the challenges the pandemic has brought, both to Wi-Fiber and for the cities they have engaged. 

And the company wasn’t limited to municipal successes. Wi-Fiber was selected as a finalist AFWERX’s Base of the Future Challenge in 2020 as well. Through this event, they were able to pitch their solution to the Air Force and engage with key stakeholders in and outside of government. Additionally, they were selected to participate in our inaugural Safe Tech Pitch in November of 2020. Wi-Fiber believes they will leverage this event’s success and similar pitch competitions and government challenges with other defense agencies to gain additional traction within the DoD space. 

With such projects in place and more in the pipeline, 2021 promises to be a massive year for Wi-Fiber. We’re thrilled to have them as a Safe Tech Founding Member and look forward to working with them to improve public safety and deliver smart city solutions throughout the country.